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Francesca Fini | performance art & experimental films

From experimental animation to expanded cinema, from experimental live media to controversial extreme body art performance: a channel dedicated to the work of international artist Francesca Fini

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"Francesca Fini is an image-woman: she is a performance artist and filmmaker, interaction designer and video graphics visionary, dealing with every kind of hybridization and contamination. Her moving images are provocative devices calling up passions and emotions: they show a body amplified by technology, whose animal and biological nature is left untouched. 

Her performance art videos are not mere recordings, but short films full of captivating genius" (Alessio Galbiati - Digicult magazine)


Dall'animazione sperimentale al cinema espanso, dal live media alle controverse performance di body-art estrema: un canale interamente dedicato al lavoro 

dell'artista internazionale Francesca Fini. Fai clic sul pulsante ABBONATI per accedere all'intera raccolta di video, oppure dai un'occhiata alle clip qui sotto per acquistare le singole serie.

"Francesca Fini è una donna-immagine: un'artista e cineasta, designer di esperienze interattive e visionaria grafica video, che si occupa di ogni tipo di ibridazione e contaminazione. 

Le sue immagini in movimento sono dispositivi provocatori che richiamano passioni ed emozioni: mostrano un corpo amplificato dalla tecnologia, la cui natura animale e biologica non viene intaccata. I suoi video artistici non sono semplici registrazioni, ma cortometraggi pieni di accattivante genialità" (Alessio Galbiati - Digicult magazine)


Hippopoetess is a psychedelic film, visually bulimic, fiercely feminine, sprinkled with poetry that becomes image, 3D animation that becomes pure color, performance art that intertwines with the aesthetics of video games, distilling everything into an experimental documentary that tells the story of the Imagist poetess Amy Lowell, the hippopotamus poetess, as Ezra Pound called her.

Enjoy full movie and extra clip here:
> English version
> Italian version

CORPUS (body-art videos)

MECCANIMUS (cyberpunk performances)

OFELIA NON ANNEGA (Ophelia did not drown) is a layered film, a film made of hybridizations. The film was produced with Istituto Luce Cinecittà, weaving a dense visual and sound dialogue between the material of the Archive and the original performances developed by Francesca Fini, author, and director of the project. The film has been inserted by the critic and film historian Adriano Aprà among the best Italian films of all time.

Enjoy full movie here:
> English version
> Italian version

ANIMA # 1 (animations)

ANIMA # 2 (animations)

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