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Francesca Fini /// experimental film, video art, live streaming, performance art

"Francesca Fini is an image-woman: she is a performance artist and filmmaker, interaction designer and video graphics visionary, dealing with every kind of hybridization and contamination. Her moving images are provocative devices calling up passions and emotions: they show a body amplified by technology, whose animal and biological nature is left untouched. Her performance art videos are not mere recordings, but short films full of captivating genius." (Alessio Galbiati - Digicult magazine)

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This space is the official channel broadcasting Francesca Fini's body of work, including a lot of exclusive and unpublished material. 

Here you will find her most famous time-based works (award-winning videos and 3D animations, body-art films, abstract experiments, long-feature films), neatly organized into thematic collections.

While the long-feature films (Ophelia did not drown and Hippopoetess) require a small on-demand fee, most collections are free to watch.  Please join our newsletter to keep updated about new releases.

Feel free to contact us at

Francesca Fini /// webtv Series

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